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Lady King PeggyThe Otuam Community Development Corporation was formed by Lady King Peggy, Lady King of Otuam, Ghana to stimulate development and infrastructure improvements in Otuam, Ghana and the surrounding communities. Otuam Community Development Corporation was incorporated as a non profit organization in Washington, DC on April 2, 2010. The purpose of the Otuam Community Development Corporation is to:

Improve education opportunities for youth and adults in Otuam, Ghana
Improve access to healthcare for the citizens of Otuam and the surrounding communities
Improve access to fresh drinking water
Build a library for use by citizens of Otuam and the surrounding communities
Foster economic growth in the private business sector
Encourage cultural arts
Improve infrastructure (e.g. roads, public works, sewage, etc)
Foster exchange opportunities between Americans and Ghanaians
Promote investment in Otuam by concerned Americans
Promote leadership training in Otuam